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Housing Development,



The Broomhill Area of the West End is a mix of low density 2-storey housing and medium rise Victorian tenements as well as multi-storey residential housing in the form of 18 storey tower blocks.


The proposal responds to the density and scale of the surrounding context with an emphasis on the low and medium storey existing building forms. The scheme proposes a number of building volumes comprising 3 storey town house, 3 storey apartments and 6 storey apartments.

n addition to scale, the massing and language of the new buildings have been developed to respond sympathetically to that of the adjacent buildings.


The orientation of each block is designed to maximise the aspect of the apartments contained within each. Where views might be restricted by adjacent buildings, the layout has been engineered to provide aspect into amenity space and away from less desirable views. All ground floor apartments have ‘main door’ in addition to ‘close’ entry. Accessibility to the views to the South and West has been maximised and this is reflected in the provision of protruding balconies and enlarged window openings where appropriate.

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