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Mixed-Use Housing


Cook Street, Glasgow

Located within Tradeston, Glasgow, a detailed planning consent has been granted for a mixed use development accommodating 398 flatted dwellings and commercial premises that enhances the surrounding area by bringing a vacant and complex derelict brownfield site back into beneficial use.

The design concept developed from the client brief, the historic site context analysis and the constraints and opportunities studies. Instead of forming a building with an enclosed courtyard, a single building form with wings folding towards the rear of the site allows a number of distinctive courtyards to be formed which lets sunlight from the South to penetrate the development whilst providing the dwellings with open views out of the site.

The design creates a strong active urban form to the Cook St edge re-instating Tradeston’s historic industrial grid whilst forming a defensible and protected green landscaped environment to the South of the site. Additionally, in order to improve the connectivity and permeability of the site a walking and cycling route through the development connects Cook St to West St.

Strong and distinctive building forms to bookend the development act as vista features providing a sense of identity and place making. A number of access points on Cook St and the rear courtyards creates active and vibrant street frontages. The design, proportions and massing of the development reference Tradeston’s rich industrial heritage whilst providing attractive, bright and energy efficient homes which have access to generous amenity space.

The facades are composed in a 3 tier classical hierarchy comprising of two brick tones to the lower portions and a glass and laminated panel system to the penthouse floors.

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