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What we provide at ICDP

At ICDP Architects we provide a number of key architectural services to clients across the UK, offering both residential and commercial design services. Whether you are looking for tradition or innovation, boldness or understatement, an architect can lift your project out of the ordinary. Many people will offer to alter your building. It takes an architect to maximise its potential and do it with flair, imagination and style.

When contracting an architect it can be difficult to know what support that you need. It may be that it’s for an entire project or it may be just specific elements depending on your requirements. At ICDP, our team of architects incorporates both flair and experience while providing a one stop shop for all of your design requirements.

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Sustainable Architecture 1.jpg

Sustainable Architecture 

We believe that carefully designed and detailed buildings, with high standards of energy efficiency, will last a lifetime.

Project Delivery 1.jpg

Project Delivery 

Project delivery can be a lengthy and complex process for any project, however our Project Delivery service will guide you at every step.

Conservation and Retrofit 1.jpg

Retrofit & property upgrading

Our conservation and retrofit service offers new life for old buildings whatever their age, use or type. 

Collaboration and Partnering 1.jpg

Collaboration and Partnering 

We engage with other consultants, construction professionals and developers to tackle the largest and most complex of developments.

Feasibility and Site Appraisal.jpg

Feasibility and Site Appraisal

At this stage we shall assist the client to identify their key project objectives. This helps us define 'the project brief’.

Strategy and Masterplan 1.jpg

Strategy and Masterplan

With planning and urban design skills, we offer development plans that work for residents, stakeholders and the wider community.

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